Material Computation Laboratory

This laboratory is mainly for x-ray diffraction analysis, both for qualitative and quantitative analysis. For the quantitative analysis, we use a standard phase identification software, such as Match! Software. In the qualitative purposes, we use Rietveld analysis by means of Rietica dan Material Analysis Using Diffraction (MAUD) softwares. The use of Rietica software is for estimating the lattice parameters of the crystals, whereas the MAUD software is for estimating the crystal size and its distribution. By using Rietica, the lattice parameters can be estimated much more correctly that that only the use of the Bragg’s Law equation. The crystal size of the nanomaterial sample analyzed by MAUD program can be comparable with the result from the Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) image. These very important founding are necessary to be studied and developed more.

Computation 01

Computation 02